“It’s not the will to win that matters, everyone has that, it’s the will to prepare to win that matters.”

-Paul “Bear” Bryant


Helping broke America become the Leaders of the Future.

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I’m, Eddie and I am super excited to be your host at Master Life and Money. This site was inspired by the countless distressed homeowners I am blessed to have met while buying houses and my own experience witnessing my childhood home being repossessed due to tax foreclosure.

With a successful career at 34 and my hand at a business startup I realized I never learned how money really worked growing up.

I dove in head first into a we buy houses real estate business model not knowing anything about starting a business, managing it, or funding it and threw money I did not have into it.

I crashed and burned before the end of the first year.

I started with no money, no confidence, anxiety issues, and a creeping depression.

With God’s grace I did one thing right and that was that I invested in myself through all that disorder and a new Me emerged from the ashes. It has not been easy. It took many books, personal development events, and personal coaching to reconstruct myself and regain my passion, resilience, and my life.

The struggle is real each and every day and that caused site to evolve into what it is today.

Here, you will learn all the shifts I made to have a fulfilling life. You will see my transformations raw and unedited.

I am experiencing a purpose driven life now but, I am not out of woods yet and have much more to accomplish.

It gives me great pleasure to have tackled such incredible obstacles in life and that I can now share these experiences and solutions with you.

I would be honored if you take this journey with me to grow in each category of daily life and Master Life and Money.


These are standards that have grown in my journey and that make Master Life and Money what it is and what it stands for.



  • Passionate About the Ultimate Purpose of the Brand (Master Life and Money)


We prove our passion with complete honesty and integrity.


  • Adapt and Overcome


We leave nothing to chance and always progress by embracing cutting edge innovation.


  • 100% Humility


We show humility 100% of the time proving compassion and love to those we serve.


  • Pride in Everything We Do


We take pride in everything we do, and our proof is in building leaders around us.


  • Action oriented, Determined and Persistent


We strive for growth always hungry for achievement.


  • Customers Always First


We always put customers before anything else and seek to contribute beyond ourselves.

Contact Me. I am looking forward to assisting you on your journey to win in life.


– Eddie

Goals are like magnets. They‘ll atrract the things that make them come true.

-Tony Robbins