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I created the “Eddie Recommends” section so I could give you the sales funnels, services, products, and companies I use and/or those that will help you reach your financial goals. You can quickly find great products and services all in one page.  Master life and money all from one page. YAY!!

Disclosure: This page includes affiliate links and I may receive commissions for purchases made through links on this page. However, these are highly recommended products. I will not recommend anything that I haven’t personally used or verified.

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Amazon: It is said that the most successful people in the world read 60 books each year and if you read just one each week you will share their habits. Amazonhas every book you can think of at discounted prices. I recommend starting with Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill.

Audible: This is by far the most efficient way to consume literature. I have most of my books on Audible because I can listen to them when I drive. Audible offers a 30 day FREE Trial.

Live With Passion: If there is one thing that I can honestly say had the greatest impact in my life and helped have my biggest breakthrough is this material. Learn more on my product review on How to Create Lasting Change.

 What's standing between you and success?


ACN: For essential home services you use everyday check out ACN. You can find all essential services from cable tv to cell phone service, home security, and utilities. My light bill dropped the first month I subscribed. Best of all, your services can be FREE and you can help Project Feeding Kids.

Christian Care Medi-Share: This is by far the most affordable health care coverage I have been able to find. It was recommended by a good friend after I told him how much I spent on BCBS. Don’t be misguided by the name they will consider everyone just give them a try at Christian Care.

FreshBooks: If you started your side hustle to make more money and reach financial freedom there is no better small business accounting software than FreshBooks.


The Selling Family: I wish I would have known about this wonderful family before I started to payoff my debt. It would have saved me time and I could have made more off of my toys I sold on Amazon. Their Amazon Boot Camp program is a must if you want to speed up paying off debt with a side hustle. Act now and you can get their program at a discounted rate.

Set TV Now: Getting rid of my cable service was the best decision I ever made. I can stream cable channels on more devices for half the price of the local cable company. Try it for FREE at SetTvnow.com.


Netflix: Streaming cable with Netflix is the new black for home entertainment. With a subscription combination of SetTVNow and Netflix your will never run out of series to binge on the weekends. Try it for FREE at NETFLIX.com.

EBATES: If you are shopping at your local brick and mortar retailer you are paying too much. You can take advantage of online discounts plus cash back to save even more with EBATES.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back


Find My Rate at www.SoFi.com! The new financial bubble is in student loans. If you or someone you know fell victim to student loans this is a great way to save while you eliminate debt. Refinance federal and private student loans at SoFi.com today! 


Wealthy Affiliate: This little square changed my life. There is no other platform that combines an online business building course, community, and support like WA. I love that it is a pay it forward community which aligns perfectly with my personal values. Thank you Wealthy Affiliate. Check them out here for a Promo Offer.